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 Tasks adressed:: ["Tasks/3/2"]  Tasks adressed:: [[Tasks/3/2]]
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 Time used:: 0.5md(ABR), 0.5md(JRG)  Time used:: 1.5md(ABR), 0.5md(JRG)
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 Status:: In progress  Status:: Finished
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The xacml policy have not yet been attempted. The xacml policy have been achieved
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The result of this action can be found in the module FedoraApiHooks in the Ecm project

Action Hook ECM API

ABR(2md), JRG(1md)

Prev assigned

Tasks adressed


Time estimated

Time used
1.5md(ABR), 0.5md(JRG)






Fedora has a object property called state. We want to use this state. To do so, we have made the following rules

  1. No objects in the Active state can be altered
  2. No object can be put in the Active state without being validated

The first rule should be enforced as a repository wide XACML policy. The second should be done as a hook into the Api function ModifyObject


The api hook have been completed. It is a jar file, that must be installed on the Fedora classpath. It is set up as a Management decorator in fedora.fcfg. It has been sporadically tested, and works.

The xacml policy have been achieved


The result of this action can be found in the module FedoraApiHooks in the Ecm project

Checklist For Working On An Action

The Life Cycle of an Action:

  • Assign people for action definition: Done at start of iteration status meeting. Fill out Assigned

  • Define the action: Describe information about what is to be done and how. Fill out Tasks Addressed and Time Estimated.

  • Review the definition: Get another project group member to review the action definition, and update it.

  • Assign people for action implementation: Done by project manager, usually the same persons who wrote the definition. Fill out Assigned and Prev assigned if new persons are assigned.

  • Implement the action: See details below

  • Review the action: Get another project group member to review what is implemented (code and documentation), and update it.

  • Finish the action: Change the status to "Finished" and update the "time used" field on the action page.

Please make sure that you address the below issues, when working on an action:

  • Update the state of the action to "In Progress" when you start working on it.
  • Check if the tasks addressed by this action have their status set to "In Progress". If that is not the case, then change the state of them.
  • Keep track of how much time that has been spent working on the action. If it addresses more than one task, then make a note on the action page about how much of the elapsed time that has been spent on the individual tasks. Hint: Continually updating the "Time used" field will make it easier for you.

  • Update the "Progress History" and documentation pages of each task addressed by this action when appropriate. This depends on the situation, but in general, the task pages should hold all important related information about the work done, experiences gathered, identified requirements and so on.

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