The production enviroment for miniDOMS


Maintenance will provide us with a server, specified as below:

We will provide to Maintenance the bundle of webservices (as .war files) that we want to have installed. These will either come bundled with the correct properties, or we will ship the properties files seperately. The properties files will then be installed somewhere on the server, so that we can refer to them though Enviroment Variables ($FEDORA_HOME). We will need to specify a number of Enviroment Variables.

We will of course not have root access to the mysql server, but the correct databases will be created for us, along with a user account and we will provide the scripts to make the needed tables and content.

The virtual machine will be backed up weekly.

We will have a read only user account for the virtual machine, to read logs and configs.

Alhena will remain unchanged, to be used as our test machine later on.


Maintenance will provide us with a bitfinder service located at: Alongside this they will provide us with scripts to upload content. The path specified in these scripts will be the path on the bitfinder. Example:


will be

The specifications about backup cycles and space for this system can be found in previous agreements.


Support requests will go through the following cycle:

  1. Helpdesk is notified
  2. Helpdesk verifies that they cannot solve the problem
  3. Maintenance is notified
  4. Maintenance examines the logs, and verifies that the error is with one of the hosted applications, rather than a tomcat or server problem.
  5. The DOMS team is notified
  6. The DOMS team examines the logs from the Tomcat server