Release test step: Summa Integration Failed Disseminator Success Test

The harvest has been performed as normal. The faulty object will not be harvested directly, but it will be included in the yearbook it belongs to. When you have summa running, observe as explained below that you cannot find the object directly, but it is linked in the spaceship-revy 10012

Open the link http://localhost:7900/simplesumma

Search for "HarkonnenIndustries". These results should appear:

Click on "HarkonnenIndustries Carryall C4" This page should mention that this is an article, form the magazine Spaceship-revy'en 10012. You should get a page containing a link to the gif file in the bitstorage and the pdf file in bitstorage. Also, this page should mention that this is a "finevehicles", and it was produced by "HarkonnenIndustries"

Same story for the Fighter.

Click on the "Spaceship-revy 10012". You should get a page, explaining that this is a yearly review, and containing the links to the articles therein. In this case, this is