A.2.1. Fedora-typesystem

State: In progress

Time used: Not reported


Fedora is a very flexible system and puts little contraint on the possible kinds of data it can store. This is a good thing, however a system for describing the specific datamodel of an object (it's "type") is desirable, both for documentation and validity and integrity checking.

This task is to define how we describe the type of an object in Fedora in a way that is machine readable. Note that a later task, TaskA.4.1, should implement validity checking using this type system.

We have already done some work on this in the pre-analysis project, this work is described in the analysis document.


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Progress history

Iteration Time used Status Notes
ActionDataModelFedora3 11,12 6md In progress

A standard of sorts have been made for MiniDOMS, to be found in DataModel. This must be changed to accomedate the introduction of Content Models in Fedora 3.

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