A.2.2. Define Base Types for DOMS

State: In progress

Time used: Iteration 11: 2md


The datamodel from the pre-analysis project consists of an elaborate data model. Some base types are required to get started, and these should be completely defined and implemented. See TaskA.2.1 for the definition of the type system.

TaskA.2.3 identifies the metadata we need to be able to represent. This task should define types in which these metadata could be represented. You could see the types as an ontology of the kinds of data to represent.

Thus as an example we need a type that represents an image in DOMS. The specific way the properties for an image is saved is defined in TaskA.2.3.

The analysis document refers to the pre-analysis project results, regarding needed types and type system.


Parent task

Progress history

Iteration Time used Status Notes
ActionDataModelFedora3 11,12 6md In progress

The Base types for the MiniDOMS system have been made, according the DataModel.


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