2008-06-20 DOMS Status Meeting

This status meeting was dedicated to get an overview over what we need to deliver to Mjølner before the DOMS team goes on vacation. Therfore the end of next week is the terminal deadline for giving Mjølner all the information they need to start their development.

The first delivery to Mjølner will take place tomorrow, tuesday 2008-07-01, where we will have a meeting and present the DOMS data model, which is very close to be finished. It was the plan also to provide a testbed, FoxML samples conforming to the DOMS data model and APIs by the end of next week, before the summer holidays kick in. However, BAM/KFC realised that the development of the testbed will take 10 man days, so Mjølner will have to choose what they think most important to get, as it will not be possible to provide everything before the summer holidays begin.

KFC had realised that it would only be realistic to implement "simple search" in the testbed, as using Summa would be impossible due to the lack of a Fedora 3.0 compliant OAI-provider for Summa indexing. Further he found Gsearch too unstable to use.

It was decided that JRG should work on some DOMS data model compliant FoxML samples, when the rest of the DOMS team are out for then summer holidays. The reason for this is that JRG will be able to send the samples to Mjølner, one by one, as they are finished.

A review of the data model was conducted on the meeting in order to get an overview over what is left to be described and identify any corrections which should be made before the meeting with Mjølner tomorrow.

Data Model

During the meeting we came up with the following comments and corrections:

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