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Task Fedora 3.2. opsætning

3.1 open source

Someone should make a decision. We should move the svn, and other stuff 5 md

3.2 Hook ECM-API


It is done, except it is not done for the new API

3.3 Tage stilling til Fedora-moduler


4 md

3.4 XACML-flam?

Construct "only allowed for gui users" xacml policy. Make this a license object Enable xacml, and make sure it works. 5 md

3.5 Test-bed

Porting and rewrapping the testbed installer. Make installer adhering the maintenance agreement. Documentation for end users. Think open source. 8 md (fidly bits; ongoing based on other stuff that should be part of the installer)

3.6 Auth-modul

Make the doms integrate with the LDAP server? Or what?

License require that external users can access DOMS with some rights. GUI require that certain internal users can access DOMS with admin rights. We will need a simple way to do fedora admin tasks.

Research about technology and capabilities. Make design

5-10 md (new tech)

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