How do we handle access control, when referencing from the core DOMS to external resources, either intra- or internet based?


  1. Ripped CDs placed on a server positioned at Statsbiblioteket
  2. Papers placed on a restricted website, which Statsbiblioteket has access to


A general solution is to route all resources through a core DOMS maschine. This is impractical for large files or streaming media.

Servers at Statsbiblioteket

A solution for Case 1, suggested by the technical department (the basement guys):

  1. Assume that access validation is already handled by the core DOMS.
  2. Let the CD server allow unrestricted access from DOMS maschines.
  3. Let the DOMS request a one-time URL from the CD server. The one-time URL is accessible from anywhere.
  4. Present the one-time URL to the end-user.

External resources

Make a proxy-server, which uses the same one-time validation schema as above.

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