Action Deliver Start+Stop Scripts + Documentation

Part of iteration 8.

This action consists of two parts.

  1. Making start and stop scripts for deploying and taking down the miniDOMS.
  2. Writing documentation for deploying and taking down the miniDOMS.

Making start and stop scripts

Write and deliver the needed scripts for miniDOMS to the IT maintenance department. The IT maintenance will probably prefer to be responsible for the Tomcat (see Action agree on system setup), which means that we probably need deploy scripts.

The installation will be performed in two major steps. First Maintenance will run the basis script(s) to setup the basis (tomcat, ...). Then they will run the miniDOMS scripts(s) to setup the main DOMS.

Go through the description of release test 7 to get an overview of the whole process of installation.

(2-4 md) Build a script for taking down the miniDOMS.

Writing documentation

The system maintenance documentation should describe the scripts and Tomcat settings and how to act upon different scenarios; also depends heavily Action agree on system setup.

(1 md) The documentation takes the form of a user manual for the scripts provided in the first part of this action.

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