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JRG(4md), PKO(4md)

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8md(JRG), 2md(PKO)


Needs fedora hook + base collection




To produce a system that can create a testbed installer from the doms sourceforge project.


  1. Build enviroment system designed and coded.
    • Included packages: PACKAGES=( "bitstorage/trunk" "domsclient/trunk" "domsserver/trunk" "ecm/trunk" )
  2. Build scripts called in each folder for dist target. Collects .war-files from dist-folder, thus necessitating the presence of a .war-file.
  3. Fedora, Tomcat and webservices bundled. .zip generated.
  4. Install script. Shady Magic happens here. Setting from are propagated via
    • ECM, low-level bit-storage, tomcat and fedora basically included. Fedora validator to be hooked. Others? Base collection is being added.


Producing this installer is a multi level process

  1. We need a system for producing the build enviroment
    • This will probably be a shell script for checking out specific revisions of the sourceforge projects. We need to define the build enviroment
  2. We need a system for building the various projects
    • Given the build enviroment, we can call the ant scripts in each project
  3. We need a packaging system.
    • This is the script that packages the dists of the projects and the testbed in a zip file
  4. We need an install script
    • This is a script that is able to install a tomcat with fedora, and put the ecm webservice and fedora hook in their correct locations

Additional TODO: In order to be able to reuse the testbed scripts for installation by maintenance, we need to make it optional whether the testbed scripts should install a tomcat or not.

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