Release Notes for Broadcast Extraction Service (BES)

The subversion repository for BES is at with subdirectories for trunk, tags, and branches. BES is a maven project and after checkout can be built by cd'ing to the directory containing pom.xml and executing mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true package. Release packages (war-files) are kept in larm@iapetus:/home/larm/releases.

Version 1.0.0

The release software is at larm@iapetus:/home/fedora/releases/bes-1.0.0rc2.war. Installation requires only that the file be copied as bes.war to an appropriate tomcat container on the target machine. The war-file contains a context.xml which tomcat will deploy to bes.xml under $catalina.home/conf/Catalina/localhost. See BESConfiguration for configuration details.

BES has a number of dependencies:

  1. vlc: v1.14
  2. ffmpeg: vSVN-r25305-snapshot
  3. sox

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