Useful tips when working with Wowza

This page can be used to collect useful commands and hints for working with wowza on different environments.

On Iapetus

To restart wowza server do

  1. Log in as user wowza
  2. Run the command (in ~/bin):

    ./wowza start

Connect to Wowza JMX remote console

  1. Start JConsole locally
  2. Insert the connection string for specific environment
    1. TEST (Iapetus): service:jmx:rmi://

      1. Username and password is admin/admin
    2. STAGE (...):
    3. PROD (thalassa): service:jmx:rmi://

The specific port numbers can be found in the Server.xml file. This is also the file that configures whether the remote JMX connection is enabled or not.

Install performance test application

This application is assumed installed under the DOMS VHhost with root folder /home/doms/wowza_vhost_doms

  1. Create testperformance application folders:

    mkdir applications/testperformance
    mkdir conf/testperformance
    mkdir content/testperformance
  2. Copy Application.xml to conf/testperformance

  3. Copy media file to content/testperformance. Mediafiles are located at Iapetus: /home/wowza/services/wowza_vhost_doms/content/testperformance. Copy all 20 files.

  4. Restart Wowza

The testperformance application is removed by deleting the 3 folders and restarting the Wowza server.

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