ContentModel_DOMS is the root of the content model inheritance tree. All content models derive from this model. As all data objects in DOMS must have a content model, all data objects must adhere to the restrictions defined in this content model.

All subscribing objects must have a "doms-relations:hasLicense" relation to a object of "doms:ContentModel_License". Also, it must have one or more "doms-relations:isPartOfCollection" relations to objects of "doms:ContentModel_Collection".

All subscribing objects must have the following datastreams "DC", "POLICY" and "RELS-EXT". The "DC" stream must conform to the schema defined in the datastream "DC_SCHEMA", in "doms:ContentModel_DOMS". This schema handles two major tasks. Firstly, it gives a xsd schema for the contents of the "DC" datastream, to validate the datastream against. Secondly, it introduces an order of the elements, and specify minOccurs and maxOccurs for each of them. This last task is an addition to the real dublin core standard, but documents conforming to this requirement will always be valid in the real standard as well. The "dc:title" element must always be present exactly once. This is both a requirement from the schema, and from the data model. All objects must have a title, stored in "dc:title" in the "DC" datastream. It is, of course, possible to redefine the "DC" datastream, as specified in FedoraTypeChecking, and thereby provide it with a new schema. If so, the contents of the datastream should be valid for both the schemas.

The use of the "POLICY" stream is defined in FedoraLicensePolicies. The "AUDIT" stream is detailed in DomsAuditTrail.

All subscribing object can have a "doms-relations:isTemplateFor" relation to a object of "fedora-model:ContentModel-3.0", i.e. to a content model. This marks the object as a template for this content model. This relation is a subclass of "fedora-model:hasModel", so it naturally implies that the object also has the content model. For further on templates, see FedoraObjectTemplates

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