Dublin Core

The Dublic Core DataStreams contain the bibliographic metadata about the object. Or more precisely, the metadata about the item, that the digital object represents. So, do not encode in dublin core, who made the digital object, or when. Fedora will handle this internally. Rather, encode who made the original article, and when. If the object does not represent something realworld like that, just don't encode any metadata in dublin core.

The DC Datastream

The Fedora Dublin Core (DC) datastream has to be present in a Fedora object. It only accepts restricted dublin core, and will therefore not be used. Fedora demands that the title field is set, but otherwise no DC fields may be set in a DOMS object.

The title element must always have the same value as the DomsDC title element.

The DomsDC Datastream

The DOMS Dublin Core (DomsDC) datastream has to be present in a DOMS object. The DomsDC is the primary Dublin Core of the digital object and it uses qualified Dublin Core.

The official list of Dublin Core terms can be found at http://dublincore.org/documents/dcmi-terms/

All DOMS objects MUST have the title element set. The value depends on the type of object, and can be found under the description of the object type. All other DC elements are allowed, but not required. The only exception is objects of Type_file. These objects must not contain any other DC terms than title.

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