'logo' Example Objects

Legacy. This Document is no longer synchronized with the [DataModel]

The example 'logo collection' depends on the 'DOMS collection', which contains the types and rights used in the example. The 'logo1' ingest example data/ingest2Test/ in fig. logo_example illustrates relations between objects.

The example 'logo collection' can be found in doms/test/data/legacy/ingest2Test. The 'logo1' directory contains the 'SB logos collection' (fig. logo_example) and is dependent on the 'DOMS collection' as illustrated. The 'logo2' directory contains an additional logo and is dependent on both the 'DOMS collection' and the 'SB logos collection'. The 'logo3' directory contains another logo and has an error in the relations and should not pass the RIFF check.


Figure logo_example. The 'logo1' ingest example. Dia sources here.

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