Radioavismanuskript Example Objects

There is a small handmade 'radioavismanuskript' example located in doms/test/data/legacy/radioavismanuskripter. The example depends on the 'SB collection' (doms/test/data/legacy/ingest2Test/sb).

TODO: UPDATE. This example has not been updated to the current data model.

The 'radioavismanuskript collection' is shown in figure fig. ram_collection. Not all relations are shown in the figure. All objects except the collection object have an 'isPartOfCollection' relation to the collection object. All objects except the rights object have a 'hasRights' relation to the (collection specific) rights object. All objects except the manuscript object have an 'isObjectType' relation to a predefined type object in the SB collection, and all file objects except the original text file object have an 'isFileFormat' relation to a predefined file-format in the SB collection.

The manuscript type defines the date and time of the broadcast and the number of pages of the manuscript as compulsory metadata. The new relations defined are 'hasManuscriptText' (there should be at most one), 'hasManuscriptPage' (at least one; 40 in the example), 'hasNext' (at most one) and 'hasPrevious' (at most one). The two first relations should be followed by the index disseminator to 'assemble' the 'radioavismanuskript', whereas the last two should not.


Figure ram_collection. Original xfig source.

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