Directory Layout

This page describes the directory layout in each of the Subversion trunks (separate IDEA projects) that are part of the Subversion repository of the Sourceforge DOMS project.

Top level

The top level directory has the following:

And not in SVN:

Module groups

A module group is a directory with name <modulegroupname> in lower case, containing the following:


Each module, with name <modulename>, is contained in a directory named after the module - module names are in lower case. This directory contains the following:

And not in SVN:


Contains a directory for each library-package we use, with directory name of the style <libraryname>-<version>, for example fedora-client-3.2.1. Each of these directories contain the following subdirectories:

Each lib must be accompanied by license, and preferably includes apidocs and src for the package itself.

Other folders are allowed. data/ is commonly used to house relevant data and config files.

Module libs

Modules can have module specific libs in their lib folder (and all libraries in a module lib folder are module libs). There are certain restrictions on module libs:


Contains generated zip-files (from ant target), see module release structure and Ant guidelines.

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