Installing the Gentofte Disseminator in the test Fedora server

Build and install the disseminator webservice.

cd doms/disseminator_webservice
ant war
cp dist/gentofte_disseminator.war ../../fedora_install/tomcat/webapps
cd ../..
cd fedora_install

If the ant build completed with no errors, everything is fine

Notes about the stop script

In some special circumstances, the stop script fedora_install/bin/ will fail to terminate. The cause for this is unknown.

The symptons are that the system is eternally waiting with the message

INFO  [2008-02-21 10:37:19 @ pc987]: Checking that http://localhost:7900/fedora/search is down
INFO  [2008-02-21 10:37:19 @ pc987]: Waiting for server response...
INFO  [2008-02-21 10:37:20 @ pc987]: Waiting for server response...

Killing the script is not a viable option, as the stop script is sometimes called from other install scripts, and these might not be finished at this time.

Instead, open another terminal, ps ax | grep tomcat and kill it. Then the script will continue unpertubed.

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