The Anker Kirkeby Collection **


The Anker Kirkeby collection is a historical collection comprised of recordings of cultural value, these are from the first half of the 20th century and are digitized from 78rpm records.

It contains voice recordings of important Danish figures, sound clips from the 1930's, Danish journalism from London during the 1940-1945 occupation, etc.

The collection is already digitized and the data originates from a relational database, thus it heavily influenced by the Old Collections pattern

Migrating Databases

Description of pattern

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Problem description

To a great extend the problem consists of being able to migrate the original database to the DOMS, this is a technically trivial task since the ECMs facilitate this quite well. The main difference is that the DOMS solution will combine all the data about a given recording into one document, fields which have multiple field-entries can be represented in the Datamodel format.


The structure of the pattern will be a replication of table 1. This is due to the static nature of the collection, being a previously digitized.

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