Release test step: Install Ingest Package

Setup the collections to be ingested

mkdir fedora_install/ingest
mkdir fedora_install/ingest/input
mkdir fedora_install/ingest/input/bmech
cp -r doms/data/doms_base_collection fedora_install/ingest/input/base
cp -r doms/test/data/iteration7_testcollection fedora_install/ingest/input/testcollection
cp doms/gentofte_objects/data/fedora_disseminator_object/Gentofte*DigitalObjectBundle.xml fedora_install/ingest/input/bmech

Install the ingester module

cd doms/ingest
ant release.bin
cp dist/ ../../fedora_install/ingest
cd ../../fedora_install/ingest
rm -f
mv doms-ingest-0.0.1/* .
rm -r doms-ingest-0.0.1
cd ../..

If the ant build completes correctly, and no "File not found" errors from the cp commands occur, everything is fine

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