The actions to be done to have a MiniDOMS hosting De Danske Aviser, are listed below (in the sequence in which they need to be done).

  1. (It17) Identify objects of "De Danske Aviser", design data model (both inter-object structure and on-object metadata).

  2. (It17) Write object templates for use in the second phase of the two-phase preingester.

  3. (It17) Prepare release test (describing what should be checked, and what the success criteria are)

  4. (It18) Set up a semi-permanent test-Fedora, in which we can test-ingest objects via Fedoras Administrator application.

  5. (It18) Code basic preingester for De Danske Aviser (including only metadata found in filepaths)

    • (Test with actual objects, ingesting a few of the results into test-Fedora by Admin application) Here, the object templates written in an earlier action will be used. Any TODO's in those templates should be finished.

      This first basic preingester will make real objects for supervolume, volumes, pages, and pngfiles (see data model), but will make a minimal number of dummy objects for region, town and paper. These dummy-objects will be replaced when the basic preingester is turned into the full preingester in a later action.

  6. (It19) Code full preingester for De Danske Aviser (including also metadata from XML-files from collection "De Danske Aviser")

    • (Test with actual objects, ingesting a few of the results into test-Fedora by Admin application)
  7. (It20) Tweak bundling disseminator (JRG)

  8. (It20) Preingest all objects of "De Danske Aviser" (PKO)

  9. (It20) Ingest all (preingested) objects of "De Danske Aviser" in a Fedora (PKO)

  10. (It20) Resolve any problems identified during preingest/ingest (PKO+JRG)

  11. (It21) Let Summa people Write index- and html-XSLTs

  12. (It21) Let Summa people harvest the objects to a test-Summa

  13. (It21) Resolve any issues found when harvesting to test-Summa (PKO+JRG)

  14. (It21) Perform release test (according to this description)

  15. (It21) Resolve any remaining issues identified by release test

  16. (It21) Release (let the real Summa harvest, perform quick check that things are in order)

The things below were cut because of lack of time, and can be done after release.

  1. Go through preingester, and do a clean-up of exceptions, so they conform to our guidelines.
  2. Craft guaranteed valid FoxML objects for those objects chosen for testing, then specify on this page where they are.

  3. Flesh out the details of the release test steps defined in an early action.
  4. On wiki, note down where info about how objects look in Fedora can be found. (See "Identify objects" step). This will be useful when we have to ingest the objects in the real DOMS later.
  5. Plan who and how to take care of any future bugs / requests from users.
  6. (If time permits, we can now add tiff-files to the data model, make the appropriate changes, make tiff-conversions of the png-files, and ingest these too. The idea is having png-files for showing in the browser, and tiff-files for preservation - preservation not being that important in this temporary minidoms project.)

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