1. Presentation and welcome of new members

We all introduced ourselves and our role in the project.

KFC is project manager.

KFC+TSH are the management sort-of-guys.

MKE+TE are Summa and coding guys. MKE+TE will be leaving the project soon, to work on Summa.

BAM is on DOMS 1/4 of the time.

JRG and ABR are new to DOMS

2. Iteration process

KFC presented the iteration process

3. Iteration 5 breakdown

The suggested actions were accepted with only minor changes. The Iteration5 page is updated with the actions. We assigned persons for describing and estimating the actions. These too are on the Iteration5 page.

x. AOB

We talked about FogBugz. Everyone was impressed with evidence-based scheduling, but slightly reluctant to introduce new tools without further research. It was decided we did not want to use FogBugz before more investigation had been done.

Weekly meetings are planned for Mondays at 10AM

Help on cleaning up the project room is appreciated.

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