Meeting Minutes End Of Iteration 6



Preingest has a working module. Will not work on HiFi data, because their datamodel is a whole lot different. The code needs review.

Spent time: ABR 5 md, JRG 5 md


Practically not started. Only example objects for Gentofte have been done.

Spent time: KFC ½ md


Datamodel task pushed to next iteration. ABR will be obvious choice for implementer.

Review action must be in next iteration

End of iteration tasks

ABR will write news letter. Will send for acceptance at BCD as well as DOMS group.

Steering committee meeting will not be held this iteration.

Due to lack of resources, risk and stakeholder analysis will not be updated this iteration.



It seems the iteration with only poor manning do not work optimally.

Suggest these periods are part of a greater iteration including fully manned periods.


Fedora startup meeting will be sometime in January.

Although DOMS prototype wil lnot be completely ready by the n, we will need to discuss what exactly we wish to do.

Current plans are JRG and KFC on Fedora.

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