Minutes for BitStorage meeting with IT maintenance 2008-01-10

Participants: Asger, Toke and Jens Henrik.

This meeting was a follow-up to the last BitStorage-meeting with IT maintenance at 2008-01-10.

Issues Raised

The DOMS Team have identified a number of shortcomings in the system deployed by Maintenance:

  1. The system only handles filenames (including parent directories) up to 254 characters in length. We envisage problems with so short names.
    • Resolution: jhlj promised that he could alter the system to handle longer filenames, while maintaning the same interface outwards, but declared that this would not happen until we produce an actual file with to long a name. We agreed to this.

  2. There are no concurrency control in the upload procedure.
    • Resolution: Difficult to implement, and not really needed for now. It's also an open question whether this should be done in the main DOMS-interaction end or at the BitStorage end. Punted until the need arise.

  3. The system only made md5 sums of the streams transferred over the network, not on the file written to disk
    • Resolution: The system now create (and return) md5 sum after each disk write of a file.


The DOMS team requested a system, ready for production, to be deployed at the very utmost 2008-03-03. Having the system operational at least a week beforehand would be nice. jhlj agreed to this.

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