2008-02-04 Iteration 7 End of Iteration Meeting

Present: KFC, TSH, TE, BAM, JRG, ABR

For the next two weeks, only ABR, TSH and JRG have allocated time to DOMS.

There is no agenda for this meeting.

Early Open-Sourcing of DOMS

This task has not been addressed yet.

Followup on Outstanding DataModel Issues

There are still a few outstanding issues and links to update in the DataModel. Assigned to ABR, BAM will probably provide review.

Describe The Iteration Workflow and Make a Check-List

Not discussed at all. Punted.

Summa on a stick and Harvest DOMS to Summa

Ready and installed on Halley. There reminds a little bit of work in the packaging, which TE will see to. JRG assigned to review of wiki pages and scripts.

Index Representation Disseminators

Disseminator finished. Reverse lookups working. Inlining restricted to approved fileformats. TSH will review.

XSLTs From Index Representation to Summa Indexing/Presentation

Index XSLT probably finished. HTML XSLT stolen from Dorethe, only minor changes. Cannot display links or images. Not nearly done. Has not been tested, due to a difficult dependency. JRG assumes the mantle of the project, with assistence from ABR.

Bitstorage With Ingester


There remain some difficulties in relation to synchronization. These must be adressed. Notably, if a file is approved, but turns out to have changed its checksum in the move, automatically undo the approve. Discuss this with JHLJ

There remain an unfinished test of which bash-sensitive characters that can be used in the filename, and which failures this will provoke. This has been punted until next iteration.

Release Test

The release test description has been outdated. It must be made current, and the tests run.

Assigned to this task are ABR, JRG and TSH. TODO ASAP!


ABR writes newsletter, when the releasetest nears completion.

TSH will handle project management tasks while KFC are busy.

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