2008-05-05 DOMS Status Meeting

Present: KFC, ABR, JRG, TSH, BAM


Thursday May 8. 2008 is dedicated to discussions regarding what is left to be done in order to deliver the "maxi" DOMS. Each team member has been assigned to review one or more task groups from the WBS and prepare a presentation of "where we are" and what is left to be done in order to complete the tasks.

KFC will send out an agenda for the meeting ASAP.


The miniDOMS was expected to be launched last Wednesday, however, the IT department still has not delivered the bit storage, a.k.a. BitFinder. Fortunately, KFC and ABR have just had success motivating the IT guys to do some work on it this morning. Hence, it is now possible to upload data to BitFinder and to retrieve it again. However, it is only possible to retrieve data locally on SB and not yet from external locations, as BitFinders resolver service is not yet finished.

Another problem is that the resolver service does not return a permanent URL to requested material in BitFinder, however, that will not prevent us from ingesting material and it can be fixed without affecting the DOMS.

Therefore we now can get on with the ingest and Summa harvest of the DOMS. So when we are done with the ingest we "just" need to "dap dap" Gitte and Toke to get the Summa presentation finished and to get the harvest started.

Hence, we expect to push the big red start button on miniDOMS next Wednesday (2008-05-14).

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