2008-06-02 DOMS Status Meeting


EK will now attend our DOMS status meetings, and participate in relevant tasks. Welcome.

Iteration walkthrough


Not Started. TSH will do it today, or we will reassign the action, since TSH has limited time.


No further progress on 401 errors, since noone has had time to help Asger.

Summa indexing now done, need update of years (1987 is indexed as 198 in places) and, presentation XSLT needs to show description.


No firther work since last Monday. TSH will put milestone plan on wiki, and new meeting will be scheduled Tuesday to decide on Milestones.


JRG has filled in in old Milestones plan, however needs to be updated after Mjølner workshop.


JRG will hit us all until we update tasklist.


Still OK. Everyone should update their actions for this to work!!

Next iteration

We started iteration planning.

We decided rough API for Mjølner was important, so was semi-technical spec of datamodel, and so was selecting datamodel examples.

We did did not finish this, will be done on meeting Tuesday.

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