2008-09-22 End of Iteration 12, Start of Iteration 13

0. Formalities

Who's here? KFC, JRG, ABR, TSH, BAM

Not here: EK

Minutes: KFC

1. Report from ECDL, DORSDL2, and Fedora EU User Group

Plato-workshop. Plato looks promising.

It is very single-file-based currently. For instance no preservation plan for both JPGs and GIFs at once. No preservation of "container file formats" or, for instance, links in Word files

Good tools for making preservation plans, using FreeMind. You can choose stuff you want to preserve, and individually score it. This will give you scores for preservation plans.

The ideas from Plato can also be used for QA, by comparing scores with test examples.

Note: Will only give you preservation plan, not preservation action.


XCEL beskriver sprog til at udtrække data af binære filer (til XCDL format). Værd at overveje til karakterisering. Hvad giver de os ekstra i forhold til f.eks. JHove? Mere vedefineret måde at udtrykke extraction på?


Google/Microsoft make research publishing platforms.

Robert Tansley, (DSpace udvikler) Google Research Data Sets give possibility to store versioned datasets, with possibilities for quoting, versioning... Licenses are PD or CC-attrib; CPU-power may come.

Microsoft are doing publication platform, with interesting concepts on triple-stores and triple virtualisation, for instance on myExperiment

Sandy was interested in our work, and it seemed we will give that back as "law".

Trifork do triple-store stuff that's interesting including ontologies

BOF on Fedora on aDORe

Næste FedoraEU møde i London i januar, Tim Berners-Lee will be coming, Eddie, Chris. Developer Happiness Days :-). Bowling hall etc.

2. New DOMS Manning plan

Will continue working on moving into small office

3. Ending Iteration 12

KFC will ask people to update time used in It12

KFC will move time used to tasks

4. Planning Iteration 13

Discussed, and prioritised, and people for describing actions. See Iterations 13 and 14

5. AOB


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