2008-12-16 DOMS Planning Day

0. Who is here?

EK, TSH, JRG, ABR, PKO, BAM (+ 1 student from Information and Media Studies)

Minutes: BAM

1. Agenda

The agenda for the DOMS planning day is loosely this:

The minutes will follow this list:

  1. DOMS Art: Overview of the ideal DOMS; where are we now; where are we going?
  2. 'The Danish Newspapers'

  3. How Many Systems?
  4. Discussions
  5. AOB

2. DOMS Art

We decided to start by drawing 'the ideal DOMS' on the whiteboard.


The red numbers on the different modules indicate 'how much have we done now?'

The black numbers on the different modules indicate 'how much is necessary to make 'The Danish Newspapers' accessible?'

The green numbers on the different modules indicate 'how much is necessary to set up the in house test system?'

These numbers are also summarized on the first part of this page.

3. 'The Danish Newspapers'

What is needed to be able to put 'The Danish Newspapers' into a DOMS?

Can 'The Danish Newspapers' use the (gui-object-manipulation), object-manipulation, bit-storage, file-characterizer web service chain directly, or do we want to build a bulk-ingest module? We decided that since this collection is small, it will work. We can then do some performance tests, and if needed build a mass-ingest module for the next collections.

4. How Many Systems?

How many systems are we talking about? I think we agreed that we now have 4 different systems:

5. Discussions

6. AOB

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