2008-12-17 DOMS Planning Day II

0. Who is here?


Post-meeting minutes: JRG

1. Agenda

For the different parts of the DOMS system that were examined yesterday, we have to look at the ones that are not yet finished enough for a "DOMS-Beta" that could contain 'De Danske Aviser'. These parts we will break down and estimate md-consumption of each.

The goal is to have estimates that will enable us to inform Eva whether or not it will be possible to have "DOMS ready - including De Danske Aviser" by April.

We have now realized that in order to deliver the answer to Eva by Friday, we will have to focus on this only. That unfortunately means postponing the update of risk analysis + stakeholder analysis to January.

2. DOMS Art

We examine the DOMS-parts that would be necessary to build a DOMS-Beta good enough for hosting De Danske Aviser. These are the parts with bold-faced percentages in the first table on this page. As each part was examined, we made estimates on the whiteboard - pictures of whiteboards were taken:






These numbers are also summarized on the second part of this page. After this meeting JRG wrote that page and calculated summarizing numbers - estimating when we could expect to have DOMS "ready enough" for De Danske Aviser.

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