2010-07-01 Radio-TV-DOMS Requirements Meeting

1. Radio-TV Usecase Discussion

Discuss the minimal set of usecases that must be supported by the DOMS in order to make the Radio-TV collection available via DOMS/Summa by the end of 2010.

Facts about the current Radio/TV collection:

- Radio/TV recordings consists of multiple large files which contains recordings of up to 24 hours of broadcasts. - Files containing TV recording data may contain recordings of multiple TV channels as some of the newer recordings are digital "Over The Air" (DVB-T) recordings. That is, these files contain chunks of the received MUX. - A Radio/TV program/broadcast may span over multiple files/recordings. Thus, it will often be necessary to cut out and merge data from multiple files in order to disseminate a program. - Files containing radio recordings contain only a recording from a single radio channel, as these are still received as analogue signals.

The minimal set of usecases that must be supported by the DOMS:

- Batch ingest of old/existing recordings. - Automated ingest of new/future recordings. - At least a limited/low-level technical way for editing/updating metadata for recordings. This is a rarely needed feature, however, it must be available. In the future, the DOMS must provide full support for the current Radio/TV work flows, such as editing metadata. - Retrieval of MUX/recording chunks based on a start time/date and duration. This comprises merging data from multiple recording files. - Dissemination of Radio/TV programs as MP3/MPEG4 files. The DOMS must provide a dissemination service which can deliver programs (at least) in this form to library users, provided that they have been granted access to them. Thus, this involves access control. - The Radio/TV collection must be searchable via Summa/Search.

2. Identify Any New DOMS Requirements

Identify any Radio-TV requirements that influences/challenges the design of the (datamodels of the) DOMS.

- The DOMS needs a new datamodel in order to support the Radio/TV collection. -

3. Discuss How to Handle/Implement the Identified Requirements

Discuss how to handle/implement the identified requiremens.

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