Start the Radio-TV Ingester

Done by DOMS-group

Count existing Program Objects in the DOMS

Make a Note on how many Program Objects there are already Ingested into the DOMS. See here how to get the number.
Note: on Fri Jan 28, 12:32, this number was: 0

Done by Maintenance

Verify the Configuration

First, verify that the ingester is properly configured according to the configuration instructions.

If the intention is to let the ingester ingest pre-ingest files continuously as the pre-ingest files are generated, then you must make sure that the directory assigned to HOTFOLDER in the ingester configuration is the same as the pre-ingesters output directory.

Once the configuration has been verified, check that the HOTFOLDER, LUKEWARMFOLDER and COLDFOLDER are empty in order to avoid confusion, or at least make sure that you really want the directories to contain any thing. For example, if you want to make a one-shot ingest, then you may already have put the pre-ingest files into the HOTFOLDER directory and then you, of course, do not want to remove all the files in it.

Start the Ingester

When you are sure that the configuration is correct, start the ingester application by following these RadioTVIngesterUsage. It is generally a good idea to start the ingester as a background process, as described by the instructions. In the event that you need to stop the ingester (prematurely), just follow the instructions for a graceful termination.

Verify that the Ingester is Running properly

When you have started the ingester, you must look for signs that it is running properly. Good signs are:

Bad signs are:

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