Start the Radio-TV Preingester

Done by Maintenance

In STAGE, on the machine where DigiTV is installed, in directory digitv/bin do the following

./ <hotfolder> 2010-03-01 2010-03-08 100fm dr1 drhd ; ./ <hotfolder> 2009-03-01 2009-03-08 100fm dr1 drhd

where <hotfolder> is the folder which the ingester reads from.

Done by DOMS-group

  1. Check that files have been created in the hotfolder for the given dates and channels. (If they have already been moved to the coldfolder, look there instead) You can use something like ls -larth coldfolder/ | grep dr1 | grep 2009 for each relevant channel and year to inspect.

  2. For one xml-file for 100fm, make a random check that it contains data inside CDATA tags as the title tag shown below, and that it has atleast one file-tag at the end, containing a file-url and a file-name.

                    <title><![CDATA[<Something in here !!!!>]]></title>
  3. As done for 100fm, do the same for dr1 and drhd.

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