Risk Description

At the moment we are confident that we can handle the integration with Summa and carry out the task within a reasonable time frame. However, this integration is crucial for the success of the DOMS project and therefore we must monitor this risk regularly.

The reason why we are confident and currently do not see this risk as a major risk is due to these facts:

The reason why we think that this risk must be regularly monitored is due to these uncertainties:

When to react?

We must analyse the situation if the tasks related to the Summa integration tends to take more time to implement than originally estimated or if there are any changes in the requirements regarding the material to be stored in the DOMS.


We will have to accept this risk, however, we have good chances to handle any problems gracefully as we are confident that we will be able put anything into the DOMS and due to the fact that we can rely on the Summa team to fix any shortcomings in Summa.

Responsible Persons

The below persons are responsible for continuously monitoring and acting on this risk:

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