The Friendly Step-by-Step Guide for Setting Up the Summa Search Webservice

See also: SummaStorage

Step 1, Get a Tomcat Servlet Container

Download a recent (and stable) version of the Apache Tomcat. Fx. 5.5.20, and unpack it to an appropriate place.

Step 2, Configure Your Tomcat

Append the following all-in--nut-cracking-no-brain security policy to your conf/catalina.policy file:

grant {

Set the service ports in conf/server.xml as you wish. You want to pay attention to the following:

Step 3, Install on Configure the summaws Webservice

Get summaws.war from the latest summa build. At the moment of writing this can be obtained from hera, /home/java-3part/summa/build-4217/summaws.war. Put it in your Tomcats webapps directory.

From your Tomcat root dir, do

cd webapps && mkdir summaws && cd summaws && unzip ../summaws.war

From the Tomcat root dir the relevant configuration files can now be found in webapps/summaws/WEB-INF/classes. Here's a checklist:

Step 4, Start the Tomcat

From the Tomcat root directory do


To shut down the Tomcat issue


Step 5, Testing the Webservice

You can obtain a list of services on http://alhena:7920/summaws/services (without a trailing slash!). You should be able to derive the method calling syntax from the examples below - keeping in mind that method arguments must be listed in reverse!:

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