Analysis of Coordinate Bit Storage and Preservation

We, the developers of SB-DOMS, and Drift both agree that the bits of the DOMS data should be safely stored. However, we need to know what Drift means by "safe" and we need to influence their procedures, if we do not find them safe enough.

To do that, we first need to agree among ourselves what we expect from bit storage. Following that, we'll approach Drift with these wishes and requirements and work out an agreement.

The following TDR requirements need to be addressed when we fulfill this task:

See TaskC.1AnalysisDocumentDetails#ITMaintenance

See TaskC.1AnalysisDocumentDetails#ITMaintenanceFeedback

See TaskC.1AnalysisDocumentDetails#ActiveBitPreservation

Prerequisites and Assumptions

The estimation of this task is based on these notes, which also should be taken into consideration when implementing the task:

BAM: Løbende kommunikation

TE: Kåre+Toke, bitbevaring laves af drift

TSH: IT håndeterer bitbev. Tid til forhandling, kommunikation, test osv.

MKE: Test, kommunkation, 2 pers. hold. ansvarlige...

KFC: Bitbevaring opfyldes af IT, men kommunikation og test





Responsible for system maintenance.


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