B.2. Access to DOMS Data

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The intention is that we have a disseminator and a disseminator web-service that nicely packages up data for indexing, and an OAI-PMH-provider (using the Fedora plugin) which is also an implementation of the Summa metadata storage API.

The pre-analysis project provides a simple proof-of-concept implementation, that simply packages up data related by some certain named relations, in a list of FoxML documents wrapped in a top-level XML-tag. It also provides a complete SummaAPI of good quality.

This implementation of the disseminator needs to be brought to production quality.

Furthermore, the Summa-storage API will change in the version of Summa we wish to use, and this may require some updating to the summa storage API implementation based on the OAI provider.

We also should consider whether we would like a OAI-ORE-provider?

Open question: Is an oai-provider sufficient access to DOMS? Or do we need a "local DOMS search engine", e.g. for federated search?



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