Analysis of the Basic DOMS System Management

The basic DOMS system management functionality is expected to comprise the ability to start and stop the entire DOMS system as well as the individual sub-systems. The sub-systems are for example the Fedora (Tomcat) server, Summa Indexer, Summa storage and the ingest system. However, more sub-systems may emerge during the development.

We should probably also support integration to Big Sister, either by implementing this by our selves or by giving the system maintenance people access to the DOMS logs, so they can harvest the information they find relevant to present in Big Sister.

Prerequisites and Assumptions

The estimation of this task is based on these notes, which also should be taken into consideration when implementing the task:

BAM: 'basic'

TE: Basic DOMS + nye summa-scripts

TSH: Scripts til start/stop osv. af DOMS-relaterede processer.

MKE: No comments.

KFC: Start/stop of: SummaStorage, Summa web, indexing/Fedora

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