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The Summa integration component of DOMS connects Summa with DOMS, thereby allowing Summa to get content for indexing and presentation, and allowing the DOMS GUI an easy way to obtain search result object PIDs.

Summa will receive content for indexing and presentation via an implementation of the Summa Storage API, which we will do.

A call from Summa to getRecordsModifiedAfter in our implementation of the Summa API will result in a call (with time of last request) to the DOMS Client library, which then handles the generation of a bundle of metadata objects for the views that have changed since last request. A call of getRecord in our Summa API will return a bundled view of objects for displaying a particular record.

For the functionality needed by DOMS GUI to gain search results, the Summa integration component will use the Summa webservice, and return the results conveniently formatted/packaged for DOMS GUI.

The Summa webservice is described somewhere on the Summa wiki: http://wiki.statsbiblioteket.dk/summa/

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