DOMS TestBed 0.2

Delivered for testing against DOMS on 2008-09-12.

DOMS TestBed 0.2 contains full API for DOMS, but with mockup functionality.

The APIs are not completely stable, but no structural changes should occur.

What's included

The Test Bed includes

How to install

The Test Bed requires a functional Linux system with Java 1.6 installed.

Unzip the package and read INSTALL for installation instructions.

The APIs

All Fedora APIs

The usage of the Fedora APIs have the following restrictions (Note: The restrictions are not enforced in TestBed):

Fedora 3.0 API as used by DOMS

BitStorage API

An API for uploading a file to storage:

Bitstorage API

The mockup functionality stores files locally.

The mockup characterisation does not characterise correctly. The Pronom ID (the file type) is decided purely on the basis of the file extension, with the following table:

{"html", "fmt/100"},
{"tiff", "fmt/10"},
{"tif", "fmt/10"},
{"jpeg", "fmt/44"},
{"jpg", "fmt/44"},
{"pdf", "fmt/20"}                               

All other extensions are considered unknown and invalid.

In the final version the files will be characterised on the basis of the file contents.

The actual characterisation output is pure mockup.

The mockup always returns 0 as diskfree

PID Generator API


The mockup is trivial but fully functional.

Search API

Search API

Note the mockup will never sort the results, and search is done on individual Fedora objects, not full posts. Also the mockup searches in the DC datastream, and nothing else.

The mockup search API does no sorting.

The mockup search API does no paging - always shows the first 20 results.

The datamodel

The data model is unchanged since testbed 0.1. That means the test bed still has the following issues:

The data model still has outstanding issues:

The test objects still have outstanding issues:

How final is this

Just as in the first Test Bed:

The Test Bed needs to be seen as a first effort, and every piece of it is subject to change.

The ideas and structure is not expected to change radically. However, it is expected that further work with the webinterfaces and data models will lead to changes.

We will be happy to discuss requested changes, of course, and we hope you will be understanding when we need to change things due to our own requirements.

Any major changes will be discussed with you first.

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