DOMS Test Bed Delivery 1

Delivered for testing against DOMS on 2008-09-03.

What's included

The Test Bed includes

How to install

The Test Bed requires a functional Linux system with Java 1.6 installed.

Unzip the package and read INSTALL for installation instructions.

What's new

The Test Bed contains an updated datamodel compared to the one previously released for test. These are the changes:

The test objects have been updated for a data model closer to reality:

What's missing

The final version of the Test Bed will furthermore contain

The data model still has outstanding issues:

The test objects still have outstanding issues:

The Data Model documentation is not yet updated. This will happen shortly.

Apart from that we expect to find more bits missing, when you actually start using the Test Bed.

How final is this

The Test Bed needs to be seen as a first effort, and every piece of it is subject to change.

The ideas and structure is not expected to change radically. However, it is expected that further work with the webinterfaces and data models will lead to changes.

We will be happy to discuss requested changes, of course, and we hope you will be understanding when we need to change things due to our own requirements.

Any major changes will be discussed with you first.

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