Ingest Example Objects

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Author: bam

The ingest example is located in data/ingest2Test. The example consist of the 'SB project' and a 'logo project' in three parts. The 'SB project' example (fig. 1) contains the types and rights necessary for the 'logo project' example (note that the object 'sb:Rights\_internal' acts as bottom rights element in the example). When setting the DOMS into production, we should start by ingesting an 'SB project' containing all predefined types and rights. The 'logo1' directory contains the 'SB logos project' (fig. 2) and is dependant on the 'SB project' as illustrated. The 'logo2' directory contains an additional logo and is dependant on both the 'SB project' and the 'SB logos project'. The 'logo3' directory contains another logo and has an error in the relations and should not pass the RIFF check.


Figure 1. Original xfig source.


Figure 2. Original xfig source.

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