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We must provide a convinient way to setup the Fedora part of the DOMS testbed. This should optimally be a install script for Fedora 3.0.

The testbed need not focus on speed or efficiency, but on providing a production like interface. For this purpose, these design choices have been made. They are of course subject to modification by the people working on this action.

The testbed will not run in the tomcat shipped with Fedora. The main script of Action Testbed Delivery will set up the tomcat that the scripts of all the other webservice testbed actions will use.


Fedora 3.0 has been bundled in the testbed. It is configured to run on a tomcat running on port 8080. To change that, you must edit the config files. It uses mckoi database, which it accesses by a relative path from the tomcat installation. As so, it must always be installed alongside it's tomcat. The tomcat enviroment variables automatically sets this location as the fedora_home. It uses the builtin triplestore. There is no ssl or xacml or journaling.

Fedora is normally installed by an interactive installer, which can take a configuration file insted. There are about a 1000 different places, where the properties are coded into the final install. Bundling a final install turned out to be a bad idea. A future version should work directly with the fedora installer.

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