A.3. Setup or coordinate the setup of Fedora and BitFinder with IT maintenance

State: In progress

Time used: Not reported; Iteration 11: 6 md


The DOMS repository (ie. the system that actually stores the data/metadata) consist of the major components. It is the purpose of this task to construct these components. The first component is Fedora (LINK), which is used to store the metadata. The second is the BitFinder service, provided by the inhouse IT Maintenance department. Both of these must be configured for the specific demands of the DOMS and the MiniDOMS. In addition, we would like Application Support/Maintenance to handle the daily running of the end systems. This form of this support must be agreed upon.

So, the tasks are at least:

We have decided to use Fedora 2.2.1 for the MiniDOMS, and Fedora 3.x for DOMS.


Parent task

Progress history

Iteration Time used Status Notes
ActionFedoraJournalingEvaluation 10 0md Finished Evalutate on the structural use of Fedora, namely on the use of Journaling
ActionTestbedDelivery 11 1.5md Finished Depends on all the other Testbed actions
ActionTestbedFedora 11 6h Finished

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