DOMS Documentation and Wiki Site Guidelines

Documentation is primarily written on the wiki site and should follow these guidelines. Points to remember are:


All pages should fit into the DOMS Wiki Structure Diagram:


Diagrams cannot be drawn in the wiki. We recommend using Dia as it has nice predefined UML templates and can be exported to a large number of formats including PNG, which can be in-lined in the wiki (don't know how to get the arrows straight though). Remember to include a link to the original. Link to the original using square brackets:


and insert the png on the wiki page without square brackets (this image is also included by moinmoinbook):

Use the Flowchart sheet for drawing boxes, as it supports lots of connectors and text linked to boxes.

'Stand-Alone' Documents

External diagrams and word processor documents are stored in SVN; see Directory layout. It is recommended to use the wiki rather than producing stand-alone documents. Wiki pages are collected into books via the moinmoinbook script.

Guidelines for specific documents

Please use the available templates. There are templates for most of the pages in the structure diagram.

Iteration Documentation

Action Documentation

Milestone Documentation

Project Management Documentation

The project management documentation includes project charter, work breakdown structure, time estimates, risk analysis, stakeholder analysis, communication plan and agendas and minutes for project meetings.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Documentation

Task Documentation

Analysis Documentation

Design Documentation

Documentation of Set-up and System Maintenance

Stakeholder Analyses

Risk Descriptions

Meeting agendas and minutes

When creating agendas for meetings please use the AgendaTemplate and use the MinutesTemplate for the minutes from the meetings. Please refer to the Minutes and Agendas for instructions about where to place agendas and minutes, as well as correct naming of the pages.

The Old DOMS wiki site


The DOMS wiki language is English. The wiki spell checking does not work at present (no dictionary), however, Firefox users can install a dictionary for the built-in spell checker. Just right-click on the text field, when editing a page, to select language and/or force the spell check to be executed.


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