Television Programs

This collection contains the combined on-demand and continuously catalogued television programs from public Danish broadcasters.

The continuously catalogued programs pose specific problems in relation to the structure of the collection.

The meta-data is in three formats, RITZAU_ORIGINAL_SCHEMA, GALLUP_ORIGINAL_SCHEMA and PBCORE_SCHEMA, these combine to provide the needed meta-data to describe the data.

Is part of collection

<doms:isPartOfCollection rdf:resource="info:fedora/doms:RadioTV_Collection"/>

The TV_programs are part of the Radio TV Collection

Contains, sub collections and objects

The Television Programs collection uses the Data Shards and DOMS Collection Access Control patterns. The shards help make more complex object structures into a unified object that, when included in a TV-Program allow DOMS_Access_Control to exert Authentication and Authorization checks to allow data access.

Pattern expression

This collection is based on the patterns DOMS_Access_Control and Shards the rationale behind this is to facilitate the use of granulated data in a way that hides the granularity from this collection, and the DOMS system in general, thus allowing the DOMS_Access_Control pattern to maintain access control to a number of shards as if these where one.

Collection description

For the description of this collection we will first describe a plausible document, then how it fits into the collection.
A Document is an singular-entity in the DOMS, however a Television Program can consist of multiple parts in a file and of multiple files.( this is described in Data Shards). We often want a single layer in multiple files, i.e. we have a program spanning multiple files, each file containing several layers of TV Stations.
In this context the Shard concept should make more sense, each program contains shards, the access control authorization can now be effected on the program although the actual files may have many different access control settings.

Technical documents


Work flow

Here is shown the work flow of manual digitalization.


Here is shown the process of storing digital tv, dotted lines represent references



Attaqched is a description of the Public Broadcast Core v1.1 (PBCore) scheme used in the TV-Programs collection. This forms the mapping from Ritzaus to PBCore. PBCore_1 1 map Ritzau.pdf


When being used by Summa, the datamodel described above should be presented as one record. Every Program object denotes a Summa record, and every program object is presented in a bundle with it's corresponding Shard object. The File objects are not presented to Summa.

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