Get it all done!

Get it all done

Iteration Actions

The below table contains all the planned actions for this iteration. Each of the actions may contribute to the completion of one or more tasks from the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

Each action is associated with a priority, estimated time, tasks addressed, responsible developers and a status. The priority indicates the importance of the completion of the action, where the highest priority is indicated with 1, and the status indicates the current state of the action. The state may be one of the following: "Not Started", "In Progress" and "Finished".

When an iteration ends please walk through the actions and follow these steps on the "iteration end meeting":

Priority Time used Time estimated Assigned Status Tasks adressed Notes
ActionBitStorageWebservice 1 0md 8 md KFC, BAM, TSH In progress (semi-done) [[TaskA.4]], [[TaskA.5]]
ActionExportWebservice 5 0md not done KFC+BAM Not described [[TaskX/1]]
ActionPWRemove 4 0md 2md BAM Description not reviewed [[TaskX/1]] also localhost:8080
ActionSchemaUpdates 3 0md not done ABR+? Not described [[TaskX/1]]
ActionTrueSearch 2 0md 12½md ABR+JRG In progress [[TaskB.1]], [[TaskB.2]]
ActionValidationFinishing 6 0md not done ABR+KFC Not described [[TaskX/1]]

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