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Sep 20

Noter fra halvt-minuts-samtale med Elsebeth

Sep 14

Status meeting

Sep 7

Design meeting

Aug 31


Aug 18

Noter fra fredagsmorgenmøde i DigiWeb

Aug 16

Minimøde Toke/Kåre

Aug 11

Opstartsmøde efter dvale-periode

May 17

Status report may 2006

May 3-5

Stephan, Kåre and Toke went to Karlsruhe for a Fedora workshop on Content Models. See Fieldtrip20060503

Mar 12-14

Birte, Kåre, Toke and Niels & Tue from KB went to Holland and Belgium to learn about their solutions. See Fieldtrip20060312.

Jan 3

Kåre and Toke went on a guided tour at the CD-ripping department. See CDRipping 20060103.

Dec 14

A meeting with KB about future DOMS and collaboration gave Minutes 20051214 and Minutes from KB. See also Followup to meeting 20051214. Slides: Radio/TV KB DOMS SB DOMS Fedora Cumulus

Nov 18

A Meeting with other departments: meeting with producers of digital resources has Minutes 20051118.

Nov 9

Meeting with web group about access and indexing requirements and wishes Minutes 20051109

Nov 2

A meeting on November 2 defined our vision (see above) and a rough draft of priorities and requirements.

Oct 24

A meeting with Atiras. See Atira notes 20051024.

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