Task Agreements with IT Maintenance Department

Agreements with IT Maintenance Department

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Sub tasks

Title State Time used Time estimated
Tasks/2/1/1 Backup Not started ½md
Tasks/2/1/2 Re-iterate bit storage agreement Not started 0md
Tasks/2/1/3 Installation agreement Not started 1½md
Tasks/2/1/4 Upgrade agreement Not started 1½md
Tasks/2/1/5 Surveillance Agreement Not started 1½md
Tasks/2/1/6 Port Allocation Not started 0md
Tasks/2/1/7 Hardware Agreement Not started 1md
Tasks/2/1/8 Meetings and Minutes Not started 3md


Progress history

Iteration Time used Status Notes
Actions/Hardware agreement 25 Not described
Actions/IT Maintenance Department Meeting 22 KFC: 1md, ½md(JRG) Finished
Actions/Second Maintenance Department Meeting 25 Not described
Actions/Surveillance 23,24 15md (KFC, includes testbed) In progress

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