Task Production agreement

Production agreement

Not started

Time used

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The task consists of making agreements with the IT maintenance department, and developing required supporting scripts etc. for the agreement.

Sub tasks

Title State Time used Time estimated
Tasks/2/1 Agreements with IT Maintenance Department Not started
Tasks/2/2 Supporting Development Not started


Progress history

Iteration Time used Status Notes
Actions/Benchmark DOMS 25 Not described
Actions/Ensure Configurable Software 25 Not described
Actions/Final Install Scripts 25 Not described
Actions/Hardware agreement 25 Not described
Actions/IT Maintenance Department Meeting 22 KFC: 1md, ½md(JRG) Finished
Actions/Install scripts 22 Not described
Actions/Second Maintenance Department Meeting 25 Not described
Actions/Surveillance 23,24 15md (KFC, includes testbed) In progress

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